December 6, 2011

Women's Leadership

A few weeks ago, I received an email from Board member Lisa Nakashima, regarding an interview she had seen on a recent broadcast of 60 Minutes.  I had also listened to the interview, but felt Lisa’s observations were particularly astute.  So with her approval, I’m sharing her message:

I caught a portion of the 60 Minutes interview with Christine Lagarde who is the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).  Ms. Lagarde is new to this role but seems to be having a profound impact in her short tenure (assumed leadership in July 2011).  In the interview, she came across as level-headed with a clear idea on changes needed to ensure the world’s economy continues to recover.

A couple things struck me as I watched and listened to her responses.  For Lagarde, it is not about titles, achievement, or ego but rather, about doing the work.  Secondly, I pondered if that is what separates female leadership from male.  That it is about the work and accomplishments of an organization or company rather than the old measures of success – fancy cars, extra-large homes, country club memberships, and similar characteristics.

Anything that Chrysalis can do to educate and inform on this style of a woman’s leadership model should be a goal.  We not only need to step into leadership roles but also ensure that our way of operating is part of that transition.

Lisa’s comments inform much of our work toward building leadership skills in girls and women.  The gifts women bring to leadership in the corporate world relate to our differing learning styles and have been documented to increase shareholder value, generate increased revenue growth, and improve client service (reported by US Banker Magazine).  
Christine Lagarde represents the type of women leaders we’re working to present through our new Chrysalis Conversations Series this spring, and the type of women leaders we inspire all girls and women to become.  Thank you for own leadership in this work.

For more info on Lagarde, go to:

(Thank you, Lisa!)