February 8, 2012

Chrysalis After-School Program Update: Wonder Girlz

An excerpt from Children and Family Urban Ministries Newsletter highlighting the Chrysalis After-School Program: Wonder Girlz


Since last we checked in with the Wonder Girlz (the girlz that "put the wonder in wonderful" according to Wonder Girl Naria) they were just getting started on their program year. My how the year has taken off! November was "Me" Month. The girlz wrote poems about themselves, determined what kind of friends they were and hoped to attract, worked on friendship skills, and made gifts for themselves. In December the focus shifted to what they can contribute to the lives of others and cultivating the spirit of giving. Value-added guest Miriam Dunlap not only shared her own experiences of contributing to the larger community, but helped the girlz make lovely beaded bookmarks to give as gifts.   The girlz took another session in December to choose and wrap gifts for children who spend time in childcare at the YMCA. The girlz were so busy doing for others they skipped having a holiday party-deciding to do their partying in January.

But January was more about learning and thinking and serving than partying! The Wonder Girlz watched a film about Chinese girls who created a language that to date is the only language known to ever exist exclusively for girls! They spent the afternoon of Martin
Luther King Jr. Day participating in a city-wide service experience (along with the Backyard Boyz) and discovered the activities not only helped someone else but made them feel pretty good as well. The learning and thinking continued with science activities related to everyday life-helping the girlz to realize that science is everywhere!

In their free time (what free time?!) the Wonder Girlz are designing their own hoodies, anticipating some field experiences related to job quests, planning an evening retreat, and a day trip to Wildwood Ranch.

If you would like to get involved with the Wonder Girlz, volunteers are needed for transportation and donations are needed-small gifts and movie tickets for prizes, healthy and tasty snacks for the retreat. Please contact Dawn Narcisse at dawntnarcisse@aol.com or 515.771.0897