March 13, 2012

Empowerment: to combat Violence Against Women

In celebrating women this month (Women’s History Month) and International Women’s Day, you might find the work of photographer Gillian Laub inspirational.  Her exhibition benefiting the Man Up Campaign opened yesterday in Manhattan to commemorate women.

Man Up is an initiative to motivate young people to prevent violence against women.  Founded by journalist Jimmie Briggs, the campaign flowed from his “burnout” in writing about such issues, and his desire to do more.  The campaign was launched in 2009 at the Clinton Global Initiative, and challenges everyone to “man up” and declare that violence against girls and women must end.  It intends to give youth a role in developing activities and events that truly dig into this issue.

The photography exhibit intentionally includes only photos that depict the photographers’ visions of empowerment.  There is no violence, war, blood, or weapons.  It celebrates the notion of empowerment in every image.

I believe the photos demonstrate the Chrysalis vision of empowerment, which is one of our key priorities for girls and women.  We work to put girls and women in control of their own future, which is the most empowering gift of all.